Ditchhiking From Cass to Oark

April 3, 2017

It’s been almost 3 months since my last post and I am so far behind I can’t even keep up.  I’m just going to start with the most recent and work my way backwards until my next adventure day.  Today we explored Mountain Fork Creek, High Bank Twin Falls and Cove Creek past Oark, all near the Mulberry River.

We headed up Highway 23, The Pig Trail, and stopped at Turner Bend Store for the best sandwich in the Ozarks and to also view the small waterfall beside the store.  Afterwards we continued our journey to Mountain Fork Creek right after a heavy rain just hours previous.  The trail begins at the Cherry Bend trailhead right off of Hwy 23.  It descends straight down a muddy, slick enbankment to the creek.  After sliding/surfing/skiing down the mountain we opted to trudge through the leaves and leave the trail alone.  Just a short 1/2 mile hike and we came to the top of Murray Falls.


From here you can look to the right and see Senyard Falls through the new foliage.  At the top edge of Senyard Falls is a giant round boulder.  Unfortunately there was never a good angle to get a good shot, so for now it’s stored in my memory bank.  We crossed the creek above Murray Falls and made our way along the edge of the hollow to Senyard Falls.  Above Senyard is a beautiful twin cascade.  This was my favorite part of the hike!  We rested here for a bit before deciding to bear crawl/slide/mud climb the steep hill back out.




After the short hike back out we headed towards Oark to stop at the iconic Oark Cafe for ice cream, a glass bottle of root beer, and a moment to take in the back country air.


Our adventure day then led us to High Bank Twin Falls right off the Mulberry River.  As visually impressive as High Bank Falls was, it was not a very photogenic spot.  It was hard to capture the essence and magnitude of the falls.  However, just to the right of the falls was a neat waterslide cascade.


We finished off our hiking day with a stop at Cove Creek heading towards Clarksville from Oark.  We parked in a gravel lot right off a hairpin curve and walked the creek upstream.  This is a very serene area and during high water there are waterfalls coming off of every embankment and ledge right along the highway.  I am officially in love with this part of the Ozarks and can’t wait to canoe the Mulberry in a few weeks!



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