All Over Jasper

April 16, 2016

I am writing this blog a tad bit late….on April 11th Pops and I embarked on another journey, this time about 30 miles past where we usually roam.  I drove this time to give Pops a break.  While looking down at the map he started to get carsick.  Our plan was to see Twin (Triple) Falls and then head to Kyle’s Landing and hike Indian Creek.  After being nauseous he felt it would be better if we stuck to small sight-seeing areas instead of bushwhacking through a creek bed.

We went to the boy scout camp, Camp Orr which is a at the bottom of a steep hill.  There is a small parking area on the right and to the left is a clearly marked sign with an arrow pointing to the falls.  It’s maybe a 1/4 mile short, flat walk to the falls.  It is a highly traveled area and I had to fight families (not really “fight”) to get any photos.

Our next stop on the carsick tour was to Hammerschimdt Falls.  The trailhead is down a 4-wheeler road, so we parked my rear wheel drive car across the highway at the zipline place.  We walked back across the highway and walked down the dirt road and down a small path to the top of the fall.  It was a very meager fall considering the lack of rainfall we’ve had lately.


We then decided to go to Roark Bluff.  This breathtaking bluff line is over 1/2 mile long stretched along the Buffalo River.  We spent some time here on the beach where people launch their canoes then took off down to the opposite end of the bluff line.  Here we pushed our way through a bamboo forest to reach the rocky beach.  Each time we came to where the beach ended we had to forage through the bamboo yet again.  It was quite an experience!

Pops the photography assistant 🙂
Bamboo Forest

After Roark Bluff we headed back towards Hwy 7 and decided to head North to the abandoned theme park, Dogpatch USA.  If you are an Arkansas native, you have definitely heard of it’s splendor.  At one time (25 years ago), it was a busy Ozark themed park with rides and displays similar to Silver Dollar City, but on a much smaller scale.  It’s glory days only lasted a few years and since then it has become a ghost town.  Recently someone did purchase the park to renovate but those plans have not came to fruition.  It is just an overgrown, depressing site now.  We walked around the park for a little bit hoping to not be arrested for trespassing.  The chaos is deafening.  The only thing that is still “living” in the park is the waterfall.

Our last stop on our way home was the Round Top Mountain.  It is a well traveled, local hiking spot much like Pinnacle Mountain in Little Rock, but looks similar to Sugarloaf Mountain in Heber Springs.  There are several trails to choose from and 3 lookout points at the very top.  A B-52 crashed into the side of the mountain in 1948 and there are still remnants there displayed on rocks.  The trails were filled with wildflowers and the North lookout point was stunning.  The trails can be deceiving.  The inclining slopes seem to never end but once you reach the top it’s worth sitting down and enjoying the fruits of your labor.



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